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Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)

SOP Perusda MBS & PPID Perusda MBS


  • SOP for Proof of Transaction: Click here

  • HR & Secretariat

  • SOP Severance Pay & Directors' Awards: Click here

  • SOP for Submitting Fees in the General Division: Click here

  • SOP for Implementation & Internal & Overseas : Click here

  • SOP Guidelines for Handling Covid 19: Click here

  • SOP Guidelines for Providing Health Facilities Reimbursement of Drug Costs Directors & Family : Click here

  • SOP for Income Components for Perusda MBS Employees: Click here

  • General SOPs & I.T

  • Website Management SOP: Click here

  • SOP for Uploading Website Content & Social Media : Click here

  • SOP for Goods & Service

  • SOP for Procurement of Goods & Services: Click here

  • Draft SOP for Public Information Services

  • SOP for Public Information Services: Click here


  • Draft SOP for Preparing DIP Updates

  • SOP for Preparing DIP Updates: Click here

  • Draft SOP for Documenting Public Information

  • SOP for Documenting Public Information:Click here

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