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Procedures for Filing Information Objection

Reasons that Information Applicants Can Use to Object

Every Public Information Applicant can submit objections in writing to  Information and Documentation Management Officer based on the following reasons:

  1. Rejection of information requests based on Information exception reasons

  2. Periodic information is not provided 

  3. No response to requests for information

  4. Requests for information were not responded to as requested

  5. Failure to fulfill requests for information

  6. Imposition of unreasonable fees

  7. Submission of information that exceeds the time regulated in Law Number 14 of 2008

Filing Objections

Procedures for Submitting Objections to PPID Perusda MBS:


  1. Fill out the form online or manually  objection submission form which can be downloaded on this page first

  2. Written response letter to the Applicant's objection by the PPID superior; or

  3. Letter of objection submission accompanied by a receipt/submission mark, delivery receipt or receipt;

  4. Other documents, if deemed necessary.

Formulir Keberatan

Applicant's Identity

Information Objection Submission Form


Forms and documents for submitting information requests and objections can be sent to the Perusda MBS address Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 45, Samarinda, or via email to or to

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