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Public Information Request

Request for Information

Procedures for Requesting Information

Applicants are required to include the following complete Application documents:

a.   Applicant's valid identity (KTP, SIM, Passport or other identity that shows that the applicant is an Indonesian citizen)

b.  Valid application letter (application letter, application form, receipt or sign of giving/submitting an information request; and/or written notification letter from the Public Body regarding the information request)

For all matters relating to company and/or business unit information, it is permissible to submit an application by coming directly to the Public Body office at the address Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 45, Samarinda

Please click the following link to download the form:

Information Request Form Link

  • Information Request Form to PPID Perusda MBS:Click here

  • Number of Information Requests received:Click here

  • Number of Information Requests that were granted in part or in full and Information Requests that were rejected:Click here

  • Rejection of Public Information Requests:Click here

  • Information on Procedures for Complaints on Abuse of Authority:Click here

Permohonan Informasi Publik

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