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Information Services Standards

Perusda MBS Public Information Service Guidelines

The Perusda MBS Public Information Service Guidelines are as follows:


Standard Information Request Service Fees

The standard cost for servicing requests for public information at PPID Perusda MBS is free / not subject to payment, except for requests for data in the form of photocopies / duplications, the costs will be borne by the party requesting the information.

Public Service Schedule

PPID Perusda MBS Prov Public Service Schedule. East Kalimantan:

  • Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 17.00

  • Break: 12.00 – 13.00


The completion process to fulfill the applicant's request for public information is carried out after
the public information applicant meets the specified requirements;
1. Completion time is no later than 10 (ten) working days from receipt
request, the Assistant Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) will
submit a notification containing the information requested below
mastery or not. Assistant PPID can extend the time no later than 7
(seven) working days;

2. Submission/distribution/delivery of public information to information applicants
the public can do it directly, via email, fax or postal service.

Rejection of Request for Information

Regional Company Melati Bhakti Satya Prov. East Kalimantan has the right to refuse requests for public information if:

  1. Refusal of substance, namely refusing to provide information that is excluded by the KIP Law or other legislation.

  2. Rejection of procedures, namely refusing to provide information if the Information Applicant does not comply with the provisions stipulated in legislation.

  3. Regional Company Melati Bhakti Satya Prov. Kaltim does not control/own/store the public information requested by the Information Applicant.

  4. The requested public information has not been mastered or documented

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